All served with house cut fries or side salad

House ground Marksbury Farm beef,
bibb lettuce, beefsteak tomato, toasted pretzel bun | 10

The Idiot
Our burger topped with Tillamook Cheddar and an oversized onion ring
filled with braised beef short rib meat | 13

Thick cut Benton’s Bacon with bibb lettuce, beefsteak tomato, horseradish aioli,
fried farm fresh egg on toasted brioche | 12

Wild Boar Muffuletta
Smoked wild boar leg, mortadella, genoa salami, olive-artichoke tapenade, provolone, Gambino’s Bakery muffuleta bread | 17

Roasted Duck Breast Sandwich
Toasted baguette, spinach, charred onions, almond-goat cheese spread, pickled rhubarb | 15

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